Who do you want to meet?

It’s a simple enough question. One I ask of consultants early on … when they’re telling me how hard it is to connect with decision makers.
Here’s a typical exchange.

Clive: Who do you want to meet?
Consultant: Executives in big Pharma companies.
Clive: Yes, and who do you want to meet, which executives?
Consultant: Well the CIOs.
Clive: The CIOs. Which CIO specifically, in which big Pharma company?
Consultant: [pause] I’d like to meet the CIO of Aztec.
Clive: Great. The CIO at Aztec, who is that? What do you know about them?
Consultant: The CIO of Aztec? I don’t know.
Clive: Okay let’s find out now [quick search]… the top person is Pat Spain, he’s been at Aztec for over 6 years. Joined them from Brigham PA where he ran Manufacturing Operations. Looks like he’s got a production and project management background.
Clive: What do you think would convince Pat you’re worth having a relationship with?
Consultant: …

A mini-mission for you.
Part 1
Which top-level ‘decision-making’ executive would you like to connect with?
What would convince them to have a relationship with you?
Part 2
Write down:

  • The names of 5 humans you don’t know yet, who you’d like a business relationship with?
  • Make a note of everything you know about them. [You might want to keep adding to this research over time.]
  • Some ideas for how you might get their attention. What might they find intriguing and want to say yes to. [Please, not a creepy LinkedIn connection and pitch.]
  • Place the list somewhere you’ll see it everyday.
  • Incubate it for a week or two, then let me know what your plans are for follow-through.