We Avoid Hype …

Early this week I read a coaching programme USP (unique sales proposition) which led with the words “We avoid hype …”

This got me thinking about the number of times hype creeps into otherwise well written content. Overcooked phrases like ‘deeply embeds …’ , ‘extraordinary, long lasting …’ and ‘intense focus …’ are hyping things up.

‘Embeds’, ‘lasting’ and ‘focus’ would have been clearer and worked just as well.
Exaggerations like this come from the world of media spin. For example, did you notice how upsetting events nowadays leave people devastated, and heartbroken.

Here’s a mini-mission to test this.

  1. Read a newspaper article. Notice how hyperbole is used to amplify the facts.
  2. Look at a website from your sector.
  3. Teardown a business proposal, or email, you’ve written
  4. How much exaggeration do you see? How many overcooked phrases are there? Consider what the hype does to your level of trust?