The value of staying in touch

Staying in touch with past clients is essential for consultants, but it can often be neglected due to a lack of time.

Here are four reasons staying in touch must be a top priority:

  • It leads to word of mouth referrals, which are key for new business.
  • Reaching out to past clients brings you back to the top of their minds, leading to unexpected requests for help.
  • Lapsed clients are often willing to provide feedback, or ideas, for enhancing your services.
  • Satisfied clients will give endorsements for your work, but you’ll need to ask them.


To get started, this week we have 4 mini-missions:

  1. Request a LinkedIn recommendation from a previous client.
  2. Set up a meeting to discuss how your service offering might be improved.
  3. Call a lapsed client. Add value first then find out what they’re up to now.
  4. Develop a solid system for staying in touch.

Stay in touch. Grow and nurture your network. That’s it.