Show don’t tell … or go to hell

More on how to stand out in sales without talking about a USP.

The first USP brief offered an approach for sales dialogue, without pushing a USP. It seemed to strike a chord.

One owner asked me if a USP is a useful way to think about the advantages you offer clients. It is.

Another shared how they build a USP into everything they do. They believe that, because the client experiences it, they don’t need to talk about it.

Yet another has their client talk about things they dislike in consulting engagements. Their USP is doing the opposite of these tolerations.

The feedback seems to support the mantra … show don’t tell.

So, with that in mind the Field Work is an audit.

  1. How clear are you about the advantages clients want from you? (Not those you think you offer.)
  2. What is your main USP modality today, show or tell?
  3. How clear are you about your client’s consultancy tolerations?
  4. What do you do to eliminate the things clients don’t want from consultants? (Ouch!)
  5. How often is your USP built into the way client’s experience you or your firm? (Examples: Email / Meetings / Calls / Media / Diagnostics / What else?)

Please let me know what you learn from this and if you plan to change anything as a result.