Sales Growth Sessions


The sessions include concepts and practices for:

  • Connecting with hard to reach prospects.
  • Turning ‘interesting meetings’ into sales.
  • Eliminating low-value projects and clients.
  • Creating unexpected business value.
  • Developing value-based proposals.
  • Growing and retaining key accounts.
  • Designing large-deal campaigns that win.


🤝 Introductions & Referrals 

The Key Account Growth O/S

This is a series for consultants who are responsible for developing business in key accounts.

It comprises 4 modules:

📋 Account Planning (AP)

🕵️ Issue Spotting (IS)

🎯 Deal Making (DM)

🙋🏻‍♂️ Expert Advising (EA)


Sales Conversations Playbook
Five conversations to take high-value deals from concept to close.

The Networking Playbook
A challenge to help individuals build and nurture a business network.

The Conferencing Playbook
Get the maximum return on your time attending a business conference.

The Go To Market Playbook
A step-by-step plan for expanding your practice. Align the right problems, right people, and right solution.