Planning for 2021 … but not as we know it Jim

We’re into another year and you’ll no doubt have had several nudges toward setting goals for the year. And after 2020 you may be resistant any kind of planning. Why bother with all the uncertainty? Better to see what comes up next.

Well, here’s a different perspective.

Recently we’ve been sorting through old family photographs. Something we’ve been meaning to do for the past 4-years.

We own the house my wife was born in, her parents lived there before us for over 60 years. The photos show the changes that took place here. Six children growing up, then married and having children of their own … who in turn have children too. As you can imagine that’s already made party every year. Only not in 2020.

And a beautiful garden, created from overgrown scrub grass by my father-in-law. Nearby countryside changing with new – now old – housing estates replacing fields. And, of course, a selection of pets – dogs, cats, and ferrets. These include Chile, my dog. She passed away last year, before Christmas. She’d been with me over 16 years. We’d worked together as a team until she retired from Working Trials.

Something happens when you look back at a dogs life, over a span of sixteen years, or over a family history spanning sixty. You being to realise that things evolve over a long time, while you’re waiting to see what comes up next.

What if, instead of focusing on goals for 2021 you go forward in time … say a dogs life span … and simply imagine …

It’s December 2035. You’re taking stock. Here are some questions to get you started.

  • How old are you and your family? What kind of life do you live?
  • What is your health like? Are you strong, fit, and flexible?
  • Are you working? What’s your business like?
  • What difference are you making? How are you contributing?

Now, knowing those answers I challenge you to look back in time to 2021. What do you need to start doing then to make sure you end 2035 with the outcomes you want?