Pareto Principle is the ultimate performance hack.

80% of people know about the Pareto Principle. Only 20% apply it. And only 20% of that 20% apply it with any rigour. 4% of the total.

That’s a big knowing-doing gap.

Here’s an example. Many boutique consultancies have a couple of gorilla accounts. It’s common to find 80% of sales come from these clients. Do the Pareto maths and you’ll find they account for 16x more fees than the sum of all the other accounts.

The same applies to business developers. The top 20% produce 16x more sales than all the rest combined.

And it’s not just sales … relationships, time usage, investments, entertainment, learning experiences. Apply the Pareto Principle and you have an opportunity to get a 16x performance. So why don’t you do it?

Sit for a moment and let that settle. Why don’t you do it? Please let me know.