Package your message like a zombie attack consultancy

Here’s a formula for articulating what you do, what it means for the prospect, and why that’s desirable.

  1. We (do or are) xxxxx ….
  2.  … which means that yyyyyyy …
  3.  … the advantage you get from that is zzzzzzzz.

Simple isn’t it?

Well trained sales people packages their messages like this as a matter of course. It’s the best way to spell things out for prospects. It’s essential if you want your services message to standout from the crowd – unlike many messages, which make consulting services sound like a commodity.

To get good at this you’ll need practice. How do you do that? Simple again. Just choose a consultancy service and imagine you have to sell it. Then use the formula to construct a killer sales message.

You can have lots of fun with this, as the following example shows:

We’re a zombie attack consultancy …. which means that we have strategies and tools for protecting your loved ones come the apocalypse. The advantage you’ll gain from that is that you won’t panic and expose yourself like everyone else, because you’ll already have a plan in place for defence and escape.

So, zombie attacks not withstanding, here’s a mini-mission. Take three messages used by consulting firms (you can just grab random blurbs from consultancy sites on the web) and see how you can rewrite and improve them using the formula.

Then do the same for your own message.