Meetings with senior level decision makers

Your consultancy has great credentials. You don’t find it difficult to get meetings per se. However, when you analyse these meetings, the majority aren’t with senior level decision makers (SLDMs) … are they?

And you know that winning bigger, juicier projects means meeting ‘higher-ups’. But like a lot of consultants you struggle with getting access at those levels.

When I find my mentoring clients are in that position, there are five questions I ask them:

  1. Are you thinking and acting like a peer? SLDMs are different.
  2. Have you researched their agenda. It’s all about them, not you.
  3. How little time do you need to ask for? They are crazy busy people.
  4. Is your big idea smooth? SLDMs love clear and concise communication.
  5. Are you prepared not to rush? SLDMs want and value long-term partnerships.

Once we’ve explored the answers to these questions we can formulate an access plan. That plan is the starting point for getting through the door, meeting SLDMs, and winning high-value work.

The bottom line

Remember, there’s a reason why everyone … yes everyone … is trying to get time with SLDMs. How well are you positioned to get your slot?