How many £20/hour tasks are you doing?

You know what I’m talking about, those jobs where you find yourself thinking “why am I doing this” … but then you do it anyway.

But, it’s low reward work. The time spent on these jobs is time you could invest in business development. Look at it this way. Each of those £20 hours may be costing you £1,000s in lost revenue.

It’s time to eliminate those jobs. Here’s how in 5 steps:

  1. Make a note of the time you spend working ‘below your pay grade’.
  2. Consider how you could better use that time.
  3. Find someone to delegate this work to.
  4. Implement a delegation and follow up system.
  5. Do it.

Simple isn’t it.

You can easily hire someone to do the low reward work that frustrates you. You can eliminate low reward work from your schedule, and focus on the real money makers.

Recognise though that low reward work is a good place to hide and procrastinate. Especially from the risk of rejection that goes with business development.

Do you have the courage to change?

Let me know.