Going against gravity

It’s hard to do, but escaping the gravitational pull of delivery work is important if you’re going to fit in sales activity. Here are three ways get motivated:

  1. Quarterly. Imagine looking back at the end of the quarter, what has to happen for you to feel satisfied with your progress? Still looking back from the imagined future, write in detail about your sales goals and how you achieved them.
  2. Weekly.  Make a list of your 5 biggest sales goals for the week. These are things you must achieve, alongside your deliver work. Schedule time for them as though they were a Doctor’s appointment, or something similar.
  3. Daily. Commit to completing one small sales task every day for a month. Perhaps a follow-up call to ask for a meeting, an email to ask for a referral, or 10 minutes research on a potential prospect.

Give these ideas a try. Notice how long it takes before you’re pulled back by the delivery mindset. Then reset and add some more rocket fuel. Try again.

At some point you’ll escape gravity and find you’re developing business as part of your consultancy schedule. That’s how it should be.