Getting on the bandwagon … without questioning the bandwagon.

Each week my VIP coaching clients get a weekly tracker. That allows us to stay in touch regularly to review achievements and goals. Sometimes I add something to think about, like this:

A client in South Africa raised the issue of Black Friday with me. It got me thinking. How many retailers jumped on the Black Friday ‘discount bandwagon’ … without thinking about the alternative?

Hiut Denim are an exception. They closed their online store on Black Friday. This year they posted 7 tips for Black Friday shopping. It provided a creative alternative message, which stood out, and made me smile.

So, I asked my VIPs, “Which ‘business practices bandwagons’ have you seen jumped on?” And one of the replies to this question cited several bandwagons:

  • Those COVID emails – remember that baloney – all that “we care about you and we’re here to help”. Annoying.
  • Having sales people reaching out blindly – in bulk – on LinkedIn trying create new leads. Transactional.
  • The big fee retainers paid to marketing agencies to churn out two blogs a week … that only you read. Egotistical.

In light of this how useful would a ‘bandwagon audit’ be? Perhaps to ensure your firm hasn’t drifted into this type of impersonal nonsense.