Steal this interview and questions. Then figure out how they work.

[Written October 2021]

The predictors suggest opportunities for consultancy will soar over the next three years. In that context it’s important to understand what you want.

Here’s a thinking experiment you might like. It has three parts. Envision your future. Decide where to focus right now. Commit to a micro-move.

Part 1: Imagine we’re meeting in 3 years time. You’re looking back at progress since 2021.

  • What of significance have you achieved?
  • What great moments did you create for your family, clients, friends, and team members?


Pause here and think about your answers.


Part 2: Now, come back in time to the end of October 2021. Look at your current reality.  


  • How must you position yourself now … to achieve your most significant 2024 goals?
  • What is an important change you’ll need to make?


Pause here and think about your answers.


Part 3: Based on parts 1 and 2 write a micro-move for getting started. 


  • What will you do next?
  • How important is that?


Pause here and think about your answers.


That’s not quite it for this week. If you’ve done the experiment just put your thoughts and answers to one side for a while.


Now for the mini-mission.


Explore the form and function of the experiment. Look behind the questions. Figure out the context and structure.

Why? How?