Business growth and winning projects with key decision makers in big companies.

Working with consultants I notice interesting things around business growth and winning projects. These include:

  • Project opportunities coming via a tiny number of decision makers and influencers.
  • The number of highly-profitable business relationships is sometimes even smaller.
  • Productive relationships have common characteristics – roles, traits, mindsets, power.
  • There are already more people, with these same characteristics, in consultants business networks.
  • Personalised nurturing for this subset of people isn’t well thought out, or planned. They get the same ‘bulk’ marketing as everyone else.
  • Growth plans don’t feature direct outreach to make new connections with similar decision makers and influencers.

Does any of that look familiar?

The mini-mission

In relation to your personal time last quarter (allocated to revenue growth), what % was:

  • Meaningful connection (not just email) with your key decision makers and influencers.
  • Content creation and distribution, consumed and liked by your mates (be honest).
  • Research for insights useful to conversations you want with target decision makers.
  • Unfocused catch up calls with people who are ‘comfort zones’ for you.
  • Personalised outreach to new people you want to a relationship with.
  • Other nonsense that doesn’t engage key decision makers in big companies.

I am interested to hear your insights from this analysis. And let me know, what works best for you?