Avoiding the gravitational pull of black hole communication Part II

That’s really just the third step to ensure you don’t disappear into communication black hole. The first two are about channels of communication and an agreed failsafe.

Step 1: Agree the best channel for staying in touch throughout the process.  “What’s the best way for me to stay in communication with you?”

Step 2: Agree the failsafe for when that channel isn’t working. “I feel sure this won’t happen, but with some clients I find myself disappearing into a communication black hole when I’ve sent a proposal over. If that happens what would you like me to do to get us back on track?” (Personal phone line perhaps?)

Step 3: Agree the clients actions on receipt of your proposal. “And you agree to review our proposal with your team before 16th July. Then we’ll have a telephone conference call at 10 on 17th July. Is that ok?”