Avoid these 3 mistakes consultants make and win more projects.

Sorry to beak the bad news.

Consultancy projects aren’t won by “the best”. Relationships rule. Executives engage consultants they know, like and trust.

Here are three mistakes consultants make, and what you can do about them:

Mistake #1: Focusing on ‘unique method’, to prove worth and credentials.

It doesn’t. Instead ask incisive questions and add-value by making clients think about urgent and important issues.

Mistake #2: Getting into solutions too soon, because problem solving R us!

Preferably start with the client’s pain. Then understand the desired outcome, metrics, and value.

Mistake #3: Investing time with ‘lower downs’ to avoid the tougher C-suite executives.

Stop this. Become more comfortable by learning to develop board-level rapport and influence.

How many of these mistakes do you make?