Aren’t we all dynamic, focused consultants?

Consultancy speak.

We all do it. Some more than others.

Projects framed as … digital transformation … blue sky thinking …

Results described as … strategy into action … creative collaboration …

And tired words about our work … dynamic … focused … agile …

These words don’t impress clients.

After all aren’t we all dynamic, focused consultants moving strategy into action with agile blue sky thinking and creative collaboration?

See what I mean?

No. No. No.

These words put clients into a ‘what the heck are they talking about’ trance.

Clients won’t buy what isn’t clear.

Take a look though your emails, Powerpoint slides, website, and proposals. Look for the big fat consultancy words. Here’s an example:

Business transformation. What is that?

Clients want results and value. Increased revenue. Improved market share. Costs cut. Higher customer satisfaction … or the ability to do different things.

Saying Business Transformation moves us away from describing this value from our contribution. And that’s a pity.

The mini-mission

Check yourself for consultancy speak.

– What phrases do you use?

– How will you change those to bring more value clarity?

Rethink. Rework

The bottom line:

Get real: Consultant speak masks your value.
Get prepared: Rework consultant speak into results and value.
Get savvy: Remember clients buy results and value, not buzzwords.

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