4 questions that will get you more referrals

A while ago I wrote about Dan Sullivan’s Referability Habits concept.

I love the simplicity of this. You may remember the four habits:

  1. Show up on time.
  2. Do what you say you will.
  3. Finish what you start.
  4. Say please and thank you.

Dan just released a short downloadable guide. It may help you strengthen your habits in these areas.

In the guide he asks:

  1. What strategies, habits, or technologies will most improve your time management right now?
  2. What commitments are your biggest priorities over the next quarter?
  3. What projects would benefit from focused energy and attention to get them across the finish line right now?
  4. How can you expand your gratitude and appreciation over the next quarter?

Now, Dan’s ideal clients are entrepreneurs. But all the consultants I know will get value answering these questions. After all most consultancy business still originates with a referral. And that’s this week’s mini-mission.

Make yourself more referable.